CMSE® for Professionals

CMSE® for Professionals

There are many reasons why machine safety professionals chose to attain a CMSE® qualification. You may want to gain a competitive edge in your industry. It may be a conscious effort to develop your career, or, it may be in response to acknowledgement by employers for the need of an expert in your workplace.

Enhance your Competence

The certification has been developed to encompass all relevant aspects of machine safety, enhancing your competence and providing you with the opportunity to drive safety in your area at your workplace. Well designed safety measures have a positive effect on productivity and allow the machine user confidence in operation and maintenance. Safety performance will improve when trained Certified Machine Safety Experts are on hand to ensure the plant equipment is operating at its optimum in terms of production and safety.

A Qualification for Professionals

Depending on your particular area of safety expertise, different aspects of the training will appeal to you. See what CMSE® has provided professionals in the Industry:

  • Machine Builder
  • Project Engineer
  • Global Safety Manager

Your Professional Development

Whatever your reasons are for aiming for a CMSE® qualification, the training will provide you with an internationally recognised certification which will serve to demonstrate your professional competence.