Are you a Global Safety Manager too?

Are you a Global Safety Manager too?

Mr. Tom Robertson is a Global Safety Manager. Tom is employed by a multinational manufacturing company with headquarters in Germany. He is responsible for the safety of 5,580+ employees at 42 plants in over 20 countries. It is his responsibility to ensure every company site has the required level of safety competence.

Comprehensive Solutions and a Common Language

Tom needed a global team who could communicate at the same level. He wanted to appoint at least one person at each location to oversee machinery safety and be able to coordinate with him to ensure a company wide, internationally uniform approach. The machinery course selected would also need to appeal to the people involved.

His own requirement was a training that would develop his team into a comprehensive group of machinery safety experts and one that would take a consistent approach globally to enable personnel from different locations to communicate in a common machinery safety ‘language’.

Expert Understanding on a Consistent Level

Most of his team members passed the CMSE® exam successfully. Some less experienced team members were required to resit the exam.

Tom sees the benefit as three fold, in that, he can:

  • Communicate with the CMSE®s globally at the same level due to their expert understanding
  • Be assured that the appointed personnel in each location are skilled in terms of the entire lifecycle: from legislation & safeguarding measures to functional safety
  • Guarantee that the company’s corporate safety policy is being implemented in a consistent fashion globally

Your Global Influence

As a manager responsible for multiple countries, employing CMSE®s will allow you to implement corporate policies more efficiently and ensure a consistent global approach to machinery safety.