The CMSE® examination is a key component in attaining certification from TUV NORD. The examination will take place on the last (fourth) day of the training. The examination establishes if the participant is able to apply the knowledge gained during the training to answer questions relating to relevant machinery safety issues. It also establishes that the participant has understood the content of the training and can recall the relevant requirements through the examination process.

Exam Procedure

  • The examination will be in written form consisting solely of multiple choice questions
  • There will be a total of 40 questions
  • The examination will last 60 minutes
  • The examination is an ‘open book exam' during the examination. Use of course handouts is allowed during the examination
  • Candidates who are successful in the examination are issued certificates
  • Examination candidates who fail to pass the examination are notified and are offered dates where the examination can be repeated

Resitting the Exam?

Full attendance at all 5 training modules is necessary to undertake the written examination. If the candidate fails the examination, the entire examination can be repeated within 16 month of the original examinations date and may incur a fee. Sitting the first repeat examination does not require a repeat of the 4 day training course. If the candidate is not successful in the examination a second time, participation is again required for the full 4 day training.