Are you a Project Engineer too?

Are you a Project Engineer too?

Mr. Francesco Galli is a Project Engineer. Francesco works in a plant which manufactures components for the electronics industry. He has a wealth of experience from his career, which spans a decade, and has been involved in the maintenance and modification of equipment, as well as, the design for new production systems. His more recent experience was specifically in the retrofit of a 10 year old machine to adapt it for new production requirements. He was responsible for the implementation of the electrical system.

Electrical Safety and International Standards

Francesco was looking for a specific type of training. After the implementation project, Francesco realised that while his strengths lie in electrical safety, his knowledge of international standards and other aspects of machinery safety was something that needed improvement. He also wanted to be in a position to reach the next level in terms of his career. He required a training that would address fundamental machinery legislation and also verify his competence and ability in the safety market.

Competence by Qualification

Having successfully completed the CMSE® training and examination, Francesco now has:

  • A way in which to certify his competence which is recognised globally
  • Been recognised as the expert in machinery safety in his own workplace
  • Become part of a global CMSE® community of Certified Machinery Safety Experts

Your Projects, Your Expertise

As a Project Manager, you require a multi disciplined approach to machinery safety. Machinery training with a 360° approach will cement your knowledge in all areas enabling a more effective project management strategy.