Are you a Machine Builder too?

Are you a Machine Builder too?

Mr. Volker Schulze is a machine builder. His core competences lie in constructing and designing highly efficient machines. His machines are used across a number of manufacturing sectors. Increasingly, he is being requested to provide evidence of compliance with applicable legislation and standards when the machinery is being installed.

360° Approach and Technical Knowledge

Volker wanted a training which takes a 360° approach to machinery safety. He was already highly competent, however he wanted to further his technical knowledge in specific areas such as mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic aspects as well as legislation.

Certification with Direct Benefits

As a CMSE®, Volker has:

  • Gained certification to demonstrate his knowledge in certain key areas of machinery safety
  • The ability to fulfill customer requests by incorporating legislative requirements from design stage through to implementation
  • Gotten the best from his budget by involving himself at the design stage, enabling the company to save on costs

Building Safe, Efficient Machines

As a machine builder, your priority is building machines to suit customer requirements. This means, intelligent design in compliance with legislation. CMSE® enables you to take a 360° approach to machine building.