CMSE® for Employers

CMSE® for Employers

Actively encouraging continuous professional development with a proactive approach to machinery safety has been shown in behavioral based safety studies to contribute to heightened awareness and implementation of safety practices.

Enhance the Competence Level in Your Company

Having on site experts provides an extra level of compliance/assurance, satisfying health and safety requirements. The knowledge gained during training will inevitably filter down through the organisation to other personnel, raising internal levels of competence and contributing to higher levels of safety. Improved productivity and adherence to quality standards are also indirect benefits that come from training and employing CMSE® experts.

CMSE®s in Your Organisation

CMSE®s can lead to reductions in:

  • The inefficient use of time and materials
  • Workplace accidents and liability costs
  • Maintenance costs of equipment
  • Staff turnover and absenteeism
  • Recruitment expenses

Development of Personnel through Training

Providing opportunities for career advancement can serve to retain key talent in your company. By recruiting CMSE® professionals, your company will be recognised as a leader in safety by recruitment professionals seeking to place ambitious candidates with a high level of expertise in the technical areas related to machinery. Your company reputation for training will also be built through educational establishments which advise and guide promising talent towards the job market.

Your Plant, Your Responsibility

Employing professional personnel who can demonstrate their competence in machinery safety will ensure your plant is recognised as operating in a proactive manner with regard to Health & Safety.